Being the Peace


Do you feel it? The tension in the air? The short-temperedness of people? The frantic pace?

I​ wrote about living more gently in a harsh world. And I believe the world needs more people of peace. People who live more gently and softly.

I want us to be the PEACE.

The more peaceful we are inside, the easier it is to be peace on the outside. I begin i​n the morning. Center yourself – pray, meditate, and set intentions. Get into the heartset of trust and surrender. Stay there until the hurry and irritation fades away.

T​hen as you go about your day, notice when you are not being peaceful in your thoughts – because often the next step is not being peaceful in our actions.

P​lay soothing jazz or classical or music that relaxes you as you eat breakfast. I do this with my grandson and it calms us both as we start the day.

O​n the way to an appointment, put on music that relaxes you and send love and peace to other drivers. Don’t get caught up in the road rage. Let other drivers in. Assume everyone is having a hard day and be gentle.

I​ was in the dental office the other day, not feeling particularly peaceful. So I put down my phone. I prayed for the others in the room. I prayed for my own peace. And I felt less anxious. I am hoping others did as well.

W​hen you start to worry or get frustrated, pause to pray and take deep breaths. You don’t need to control everything. How do you want to be in that moment?

D​id your plans fall apart? Maybe they needed to. Maybe those plans weren’t the ones you or the world needed. Once again, breathe, pause and pray. What is next and how do you want to react?

T​he more peaceful you feel, the less you make decisions from fear and reptile brain. We lose perspective in the fight or flight feelings. You remember decisions you made when you were anxious. Usually they aren’t the best ones. Calm yourself first. Then decide. Then prioritize. What would like life be like if you stilled yourself before planning or re-shuffling priorities that were messed up from your earlier planning?

When you live life in this peaceful place, you’ll affect the other people with you. They will feel your calmness and be soothed. Kids will feel safer when they aren’t rushed, pushed and grumped at.

W​hen you are peaceful you can be present in the moment more often. You don’t have to be worried about what’s to come or ruminating on past mistakes. You know those don’t enhance your peace.

W​e can be more compassionate when we aren’t in the striving and hurry. We take other people’s feelings into consideration. It’s not “all about me.” We can see with the eyes of Love. We’ve all seen the rushed person, yelling at the cashier who has been dealing with stressed out people all day. L​et’s be the ones that offer a smile and kind words.

I​ know we won’t stay at peace all the time. It’s more about noticing and pivoting. Maybe you need to set an alarm for every hour for awhile to check in with yourself. Ask, “Am I feeling peaceful? If not, what thought patterns are causing me stress? What can I do, think or say to become more aligned with love and peace in this moment?”

Have a peaceful day!

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