People Pleasing Alert

Love Me

We get into so many messes with people pleasing, don’t we? I am writing thank you notes right now for a committee for an event my son didn’t even end up attending.

The insidious reason we people please? Control. We want to control other people’s opinions of ourselves. We want them to like us whether we are really being ourselves or not. That’s not a nice thing to admit to yourself.

We are so afraid they won’t like us if we tell the truth and be authentic.

But truth and authenticity are where the real relationships reside.

Many of us have a people pleasing habit. We don’t even notice we are doing it.

This week, before you say yes, think about your motives. Do you really want to do this? Is this a way of showing love that you want to do? Or are you just worried someone will get mad or not like you if you say no?

If you are people pleasing, then here are some ideas on How to Say No.



Photo by Noel Zia