Perfectionism Steals Simplicity

There is no way to have a simple life if everything has to be perfect.

The perfect pie takes a lot longer to make then the good enough pie. Finding the perfect outfit can lead you to 10 stores. There never seems to be enough time to finish the perfect project.

A simple life is a life pared down to what is essential for you to live happily without feeling overwhelmed. But, perfectionism steals that simple life when you require yourself to have your house, your figure, your work, your kids, your marriage, your car, etc. all running perfectly.

After spending a few years in graphic design, where every mistake can cost money once it is printed, I had to ease out of perfectionist mode. And the guilt of not doing something perfectly sometimes sneaks up on me. But, in order to have a simpler life I shoo away perfectionism whenever I can.

Ariane of Neat & Simple Living, has some great questions to ask yourself if you are conquering perfectionism:

My top tip on fighting perfectionism is to give myself a time limit. My office may not be perfect in 20 minutes, but it is a lot better than it was. And I still have time to play with the kids. If I give myself a time limit on research, then I may not come up with the absolute best solution for something, but it will be just fine.

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