Personal Development for Smart People

I was so excited to get Steve Pavlina’s book in the mail, I’ve been reading his blog for years.

The premise of the book, Personal Development for Smart People, is that all the improvements we want to make, whether it’s losing weight, decluttering your house, or getting ahead in your career have the same principles to follow.

The 3 main principles  are truth, love and power. Then the combination values.

Love + truth = oneness

Love + power = courage

And truth + power = authority.

The combination of all becomes intelligence.

After explaining the principles in depth, giving advice on getting over the blocks in each principle and sharing how to develop the principles, Steve goes into specifics on taking the principles into the real world.

The second half of the book shows how the principles can improve your career, habits, health, relationships, spirituality and money.

What does this have to do with simple living?

I’ve always thought improving character, makes all the other changes easier. Strengthening these principles in your life can even bring you closer to a simpler life.

Let’s go through the principles briefly regarding simpler living.

Truth -You can’t make changes to your lifestyle until you are honest with yourself about how your life is now and why. This is a great time to ask yourself the simple living questions.

Love – Use love to connect yourself with what is most important to you.

Power – Don’t let others make all your choices. Claim your power and responsibility for making your choices. Choices that bring you closer to a simpler life full of your priorities.

Oneness – Know the choices you make affect people around the world. The feeling of oneness brings you into choices that are better for people everywhere, better for the environment and better for you.

Authority – You are the authority on your life. Experiment with different ideas and ways to simplify to see what resonates with you.

Courage – Simplifying takes courage. Saying no. Setting boundaries. Making career or relationship changes.

I learned much from this book, including how to learn and change. My only negative was that I felt the authority chapter was a little anti-religon.

I wish I had more space to go in depth with the principles here.  If you are interested in conscious growing, this is a good foundational book for any changes you would like to make.