Personalized Simplicity

“We are constantly called on to negotiate between the many and the one. We cannot be everywhere, we cannot be everything, indeed. But, we often drive ourselves crazy in the attempt.” ~ Marlene A. Schiwy in her book Simple Days

Photo from Suburban Cowboy

Have you ever tried to simplify your life, only to find you gave up the things you love? Do you picture simple living as a house on a farm where you live off the land?

The reason simplicity needs to be personalized is because no one can tell you how to simplify. Only you know what is important to you and your family. Only you know what you love and don’t like. Any simplifying idea has to be thought through to make sure it is best for your family. And if you try it out and don’t like it, experiment with a different idea.

I have made room in my life for volunteering, going to cultural events and spending time with my family. I spend less time cleaning, cooking and being on committees. My calendar is not empty, but it is filled with more things that I like.

What projects, excesses, less important work related tasks, obligations and shoulds can you let go of to make room for what you want in your life?