My husband, son and I had family fun at my husband’s company picnic. The setting was a beautiful horse farm next to a small pond. We bounced along with some bunnies on a hay ride. We rode horses (this was my son’s first time and the last time I rode a horse I was 18). We bravely got on the Dakota and Shadow. The ride turned out to be gentle.

We also received a carriage ride around the large property. Jonathan beat me by 3 points in frisbee golf and got slobbered on as he fed hungry goats. Cotton candy and snow cones were a fun treat. Jonathan painted a t-shirt and bounced in the bouncy gym.

I love times when family can enjoy time together. We missed Brea who is still at my parent’s house, but I am sure she is having a fantastic time with family, too.

Have you had some family fun lately?