Plan for fun

So many times fun gets left out of our lives just because of poor planning.

Have you ever had to cancel a fun evening because work wasn’t done during the day?

Or ended up having a whole weekend of errands because you spent each evening watching TV or going to meetings instead of fitting in an errand here or there?

The other week I wanted to go to a free concert in the park, but I flitted around during the day, not getting what I needed done. So, I ended up working instead of going to the concert.

I hate when I do that.

Many times you can squeeze in fun at the end of another chore or errand. I like to take the kids for a one on one dinner/snack if they need to go to the doctor or dentist.

I like to plan how I am going to get my work done so I can go to the beach on Wednesday afternoon or not work the evenings (so easy to do when you work from home.) When I end up working the weekend or evenings, I know it is because I didn’t plan to get the important things done during work time.

Yesterday I had some work I needed to finish before the end of the day. I made sure I did that first so I was able to take the kids to the Street Performers Series in Holland. They do this every Thursday, but I’ve missed three weeks in a row. I was determined not to miss again.

When can you plan a fun time?