Plan for fun


Many people I talk with think they don’t have time for fun. They have all the other duties, tasks, kid activities that they can’t play.

Often the real reason is people don’t think it’s a priority so they don’t plan any. They forget the energy and joy you gain from fun. The connection when it includes other people. And the release of have tos for a moment.

Think about the last time you had fun. Would you like to add more into your life?

Planning fun is helpful especially when you are rusty in that department. For instance, my hairstylist is near Lake Michigan. If I plan to leave 30 minutes earlier I can get a little walk in at the beach. And it’s a lot less time than taking another day to drive the 20 minutes there.

  • What fun item can you add to an errand?
  • Make it easier to find fun, local activities by getting their emails or follow them on Facebook (your city, the next city over, the county parks, local newspaper, radio station, etc.)
  • Weekly plan one thing you can look forward to each day – it can be as small as blowing a few bubbles or doing a cartwheel
  • Write out a fun list and post to your bulletin board for when you need an idea
  • Ask your kids for ideas
  • Some ideas for fun
  • Notice when you are trying to get out of fun with “I’m too tired, too busy, etc.” Ask yourself what that is all about.
  • Expect some guilt and learn to be ok with that.
  • Sneak in fun – a 30 second funny video, cutting pancakes into shapes, dance crazy to one song, bounce on a mini-trampoline, keep a deck of uno cards in your purse for waiting time.

How do you plan for fun?

My recent musical was fun

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