Planning Summer 2010

Big Red

Big Red, Holland MI

For me, if I don’t plan out what I’d like to do with summer, I get to the end and realize I didn’t do anything I had thought it my head to do.

So a few years back I created a summer list. I get together with the kids and take out last year’s list. We see what we didn’t get to that still sounds like what we’d like to do and put those on the list first. We also get out the summer guide in our newspaper that lists festivals, concerts, plays, art shows etc. that will be in the area over summer. We circle the ones that sound fun and add them to the list.

Then it’s brainstorming time – that’s where the headings in the summer list come into play. What holidays are coming up? What sounds relaxing? What physical activities would we like to engage in? Where do we want to go?

Things that need dates I put into the calendar. And then the list goes on the bulletin board. During my weekly planing I can pick some off the list to add to the week.

You don’t have to fill in every blank – that will just stress you out. Only add what comes naturally. We always fill up holidays/events, places to go and physical activities. But goals is only half filled as is home and garden. Everyone has different interests.

You can also use this type of list for whatever season you are going into.

You can print out a sample that the kid’s and I did this weekend and print your own:

Summer 2010 Sample

Summer 2010