My kids and I biked to the park on this cool, sunny day. My son and I got out our tennis rackets while my daughter went to look for bugs. The first one makes it over. We cheer. Jonathan bounces it back to me. I put my racket up and it goes right through. Or that’s what we say. The hole in my racket is big enough for a tennis ball to go right through. 🙂

We both fly tennis balls out of the court. We never play, unless we have both courts to ourselves because balls are hit all over. We were so excited because we did a 6 hit volley. Our best of the day. We laughed so hard to whole time. We tossed witty comments around more than the tennis ball.

On the way home I asked the question, “What if we only did things we were good at?” We would have missed this relationship time. We wouldn’t have had those laughs. Yet, how many times to we stop ourselves from doing something because we might look silly or we aren’t good at it?

What would happen if you tried something you aren’t good at today? What if you allowed yourself to play badly?