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A 4-week online group for people tired of making excuses and want to just get the dang thing done.

Led By: Beth Dargis, Simplicity Educator, former mega procrastinator and leader of groups for 15 years

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If you have projects that you procrastinate on, you can get more done on your project (s) in 4 weeks than you have in months. I’ll help you make them more fun and less like work. You can use my method on projects delegated to you and projects you decide to do.


  • Feeling exhausted by undone projects guilting you? You want to do them, but can’t motivate yourself to do it?
  • The type of person that gets bored easily, flitting from project to project? But, then not completing any of them?
  • Tired of doing it alone? Do you work better with accountability and support?
  • Demoralized because you have dreams and goals, but can’t seem to follow through? You thought you’d be further along than you are?
  • Convinced projects are difficult and awful so you tend to avoid them? At the same time they nag you in their undoneness?

This was me for many years! There was never a deadline I didn’t squeak by. Or a project that didn’t feel overwhelming.

In PLEASANT PROJECTS, you’ll get the support and steps to finish your project AND enjoy the process.

In past classes, we completed garage decluttering, crafting projects, healthy body routines, genealogy, starting a new business, getting those pictures on the wall, having a meditation practice, planning a wedding, redecorating a room, work projects and more.

Projects can be overwhelming. Too often we work on little tasks which seem easier, escaping the  more challenging projects.

But, projects are where your goals and dreams are. Life feels unfulfilling when you concentrate all your energy on tiny to dos. It starts to feel like your whole life is routine duties. What if your projects seemed less scary? What if you knew the next steps to take to get a project done? I love to help make your projects feel more fun and easy.

You’ll get:

  • 4 fun, informative, informal online classes (with transcripts in case you can’t make the class) – Mondays at 8pm ET. No, not on Zoom. It is in a chat room, which is typing along and participants say is less stressful, especially with kids running around. No need for makeup or a clean room.
  • Facebook group for accountability, high fives, asking questions and sharing progress pictures.
  • A printable project planner you can re-use with any projects in the future.

I want you to be able to take action on your projects in the most pleasant way possible. You can feel confident about your ability to handle projects and move your life forward. You will know you can follow through on your goals.

How many partly done or un-started projects do you have around? How would it feel complete them? Don’t just say you’ll do your projects, let’s actually get them finished.

Clients say they get so much more done in my classes then they do by themselves. Give yourself the support you need. I’ve been doing this class since 2014 and have helped move forward all different types of projects. I would love to encourage you in yours.

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