Some pleasures I enjoy:

  • running barefoot in the sand
  • wrapping myself in a warm blanket
  • smelling a campfire
  • exploring the Chicago art museum and other museums
  • visiting local art galleries
  • singing a cantata with a choir (had my first practice yesterday)
  • picking out a new pair of dangly earrings
  • writing with colorful new pens
  • savoring a piece of 85% cocoa, dark chocolate
  • admiring newly painted nails
  • making music with the piano
  • time in a library or bookstore with no need to hurry
  • laughing with a friend
  • running through a sprinkler or swimming in Lake Michigan
  • exploring new places
  • getting a massage
  • the smell of soup simmering
  • hugs
  • What are your pleasures?