I was reading an affirmation that said, “I have plenty.” That phrase made me smile as I thought about the truth of it. I looked around at the beautiful objects in my living room like the water painting by a local artist, an angel given to me by a friend, and flowers. I saw photos of loved ones. I had my laptop, tablet and phone beside me.

I have gas in my car, my vehicle is running, the pantry is almost full (I need to go grocery shopping today.)

I sponsor a child and I thought about his home which is basically a cement dwelling.

Often our minds don’t look around and think plenty. Too often we think about what we don’t have, what is falling apart (I am talking about you, roof,) where what we have or who we are  is not enough.

Can you look at your life right now and see plenty? How does that make you feel?


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  • Jennifer says:

    Thank you for this reminder. Ann Voskamp wrote a wonderful piece a few years ago using the phrase “I get enough.” Both of these are necessary thoughts to encourage throughout our days. I get enough, I have plenty, thank you Lord!

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