Positive States

I had a lovely lunch with a friend. She was asking me how I get myself into positive states. Actually I was asked that twice today. I had to admit I am rather viligant with this since I have a family history of depression.

I usually start with journaling. I journal just about every day to keep me sane. But, when I need to change how I am feeling, I first figure out what I am feeling. I will write in my journal, “I feel…” Once I acknowledge my feelings, then I can see if maybe there is some faulty thinking going on, or maybe I am tired, or see if this is an issue I need to take action on.

I pray. Then I picture good scenarios in my head (we play enough worrisome, tragic scenarios) and release the outcome, knowing I am being taken care of. I think positively about what might happen, but at the same time I let myself know whichever way it turns out will be o.k. How much optimism can you have when you cannot lose!