Prep Your Week


Mondays can be hard because it’s often started with no thought or planning. I feel more in control if I do some prepping for the week on Sunday.

Prep starts after church when I go through the fridge to check for expired food, make the menu plan and grocery shop. I like to do this Sunday so we have the freshest bread and berries for my husband’s lunches.

While I cook lunch I’ll usually chop extra vegetables or brown some hamburger to make meals easier during the week.

Somewhere between 6pm and 8pm I write up my Weekly Simplicity Tips. I currently have a 7pm client.

Then if we watch some evening Sunday TV I will make sure my email is caught up from the week as we watch. I also clean out my purse and  sort papers from my inbox. I set out clothes and anything I will need for Monday.

Once my husband goes to bed around 9pm I plan my week in the quiet. I check my calendar, see if any to dos need to be moved over to this week and write any next actions down for goals and projects. I also plan my exercise and any fun things I might want to do this week.

I go to bed looking forward to the week ahead. (Usually 🙂


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  • Michelle says:

    Great plan 🙂 I have a weekly to do list broken down by day that I use. It helps

    I don’t meal prep tho. I could never stuck to it but my dear husband is the cook so we usually decide eat in the day 😀

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