Preparing for a cleaning person


When my Grandma was teaching full time and Grandpa was working, they had a cleaning person that took care of the house when their kids were younger. Back then many households had a cleaning person. Fast forward many years and now many women feel they have failed if they aren’t doing their own cleaning, even if they work full time.

People will spend money on the gym, to get manicures, for cable when one of the things that would make the most difference in their lives would be getting a housecleaner.

Not everyone should get or needs a cleaner. But, if you have the funds and want to simplify don’t feel guilty.

One of my readers asked what they should do to prepare for a cleaning person.

1) Take care of the clutter. In order for them to clean easier, the clutter on surfaces needs to be put away. Same with piles on the floor. Put away things on the bathroom sinks. Put papers in your in-box.

2) But, don’t clean, dust and vacuum before they get there. Don’t feel embarrassed or messy. You hired them for a reason. It’s probably annoying for them to come in to clean only to find you already did it.

3) Many cleaning services will give you information ahead of time about what they will and won’t do.

4) Check to see if they bring their own equipment or use yours. If they use yours, have it easily accessible.

5) If you want environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, make sure they offer them or allow you to substitute your own.

6) Place clean sheets on the bed if you wish them to change your linens.

7) Leave instructions for garage doors, locks and keys, alarms, and pets.

8) Make sure they know your expectations and give them feedback right away. Communicate any extra cleaning tasks you need done and know how much they will be.

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