Preparing for Retirement


Retirement Cake

I had a lovely reader ask how to prepare for retiring as far as the house and time goes. I have not retired and most likely will be working a long while yet. So I needed to do some research for this one.

Whether you downsize or not, most people don’t want to be surrounded by clutter if they are going to be home more:

16 Best Decluttering Tips for Retirement

Not sure if you are going to downsize? Here is a guide to reassessing your needs.

21 Day Early Retirement Makeover has some great tips for retiring and simplifying

Mentally decluttering your retirement before you retire

AARP tells how to declutter your finances

TIME has questions to ask before you retire

10 Tips for Adjusting to Retirement

Based on a study, Forbes Magazine says Time Management is Crucial for Retirees

A Whole Blog: Retirement – Only the Beginning

And as I have some retired readers, I’d love to hear about retiring from you.



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