Procrastinating on Cleaning the Stove


My stove stared at me crusted and greasy. I’d been meaning to clean it for a week. It’s a black and stainless steel stove so it looks grimy quickly.

But, I didn’t want to do the scrubbing it would take to get it clean. So I left it. And left it. And left it.

While making my morning smoothie the next day I had to wipe up peach juice the got everywhere. (I am such a messy cook.)

Then I thought, “What if I put on damp rags on a stove section and leave it until I was done with my smoothie?”

It took a few seconds to set up and then I drank my smoothie. By the time I was done drinking, that section of the stove was easy to wipe up. Bingo. I did it for the four sections of the stove over four days, breaking down my procrastinated task into bits that weren’t so hard.

What has you been procrastinating on that needs broken down into smaller steps? Is there anything you can use that breakfast time to clean?



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