Monthly Planning Party





We created our annual plan in January (if you need the planner, you can find it here). We decided to join together each month to plan for the following month, plus we can work through any obstacles on making progress on your intentions. I can help break your goals down. We can crowdsource ideas.

I know planning is one of those things we tend to procrastinate on, so here is a safe, relaxed container to look at your month and your stuff without judging yourself. We can tweak your plan and make it more fun. But, we won’t be beating ourselves up on what still needs to be done.

If you know planning is an important part of creating your life and want some encouragement to get it done, we would love to have you.

Each call is at 2 pm ET on the last Friday of each month.

You don’t have to join every call. Come when you can.

They will be recorded. If you can’t be there you can email me questions that I will answer on the call.