Project Breakdown

So often I have clients who can’t start something because the whole project seems overwhelming – whether it’s decluttering, planning a party, losing weight, getting finances in order, creating a business plan or a work project.

As a client our first step is breaking that project down into small pieces. This is one of my skills, creating turtle steps that help you lose fear of the project and keep the momentum going. It’s fun to check off task after task.

And before you know it – the project is done!

So I decided to offer this service to anyone. Often it’s easier to see how to make things smaller when you aren’t involved in the project.

You can get a 15 min project breakdown session with me for $15.

If you are stuck, and need to find a place to start, sign up here:

Then shoot me an email at beth @ (without the spaces) to get scheduled. This session can be by phone or by chat.


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