Project Files


One reason for paper piles, is that we stack papers for things we are working on: the birthday party we are planning, the ideas for the bathroom redo, kids’ schedules. One of the easiest ways to fix this are project files. I keep my project files in my action file when I am actively working on them. When the project is done it can be gotten rid of or put into reference files.

Take a look at your paper piles. Are any of those papers really projects?

And it’s helpful to go through your project files at least once a season. I went through mine last weekend. Gone was the completed time course, last year’s school folder for my daughter, and a financial deal. And I added a file for a retreat I’m planning, a trip to Washington D.C. and clean eating recipes.

I also do many projects almost exclusively online. No paper – yea! But where to put all the info?

I use Microsoft OneNote for my projects. You can cut and paste all sorts of things in there. Other people like Evernote.

You don’t have to have detailed plans, but support info and next actions are important.

How do you deal with projects?


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