Project Procrastination


During my academic years, I spent many long nights finishing up an English paper or getting a speech together or studying for an exam. My Mom cringed at Science project time because it would always be a last minute, underwhelming project.

In my early career I did work that was more immediate – writing for a newspaper, making appointments and answering calls.

Then I worked as a graphic designer at a printing company. The sales rep would hand over projects with deadlines of 3 days or a week. I would have 10 projects going at once, from the simple business card to the more complicated brochure. I would start with the most urgent one and not work at all with the others.

Until they  became urgent.

Once a project becomes urgent, it’s hard to have time for the back and forth with the clients and sending the faxed proofs for them to look over.

I was completely stressed. I felt always under pressure.

Early on it became clear that I couldn’t procrastinate on projects and I had to find a better way to do them.

I set up a folder system. I began the projects within a day of getting them. I found a way to track the projects.

Though the pace was still fast, I didn’t feel the overwhelm that I used to. I found I had more time to complete my projects well.

Monday starts the annual Pleasant Projects course. If you are having trouble with procrastination and tracking projects, I’d love to help. Check it out here.





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