My Project that Kept Growing


My husband and I got a new TV when we could no longer read the text messages and subtitles on our 32″. What I thought would be a simple replacing the TV project turned into other projects.

We had to get a new platform for the TV and release the bigger entertainment center with all the cubbies. Which meant everything in the cubbies had to move. I started by taking the books from the bedroom upstairs. I had to declutter a bunch of books from various bookshelves so all of them would fit in the current bookshelves. Then I was able to put the photo albums from the cubbies into the bedroom shelves.

Now had to to put the games from the entertainment center elsewhere, decluttering some of them.

Much of the rest of the entertainment center cubbies were brought into my office, so I needed to organize and declutter there as well. Once I organized all that stuff and that area looked serene I wanted to organize and declutter the rest of my office. Going through desk cubbies, cleaning out my self-care box, updating my menu planner, clearing off the bulletin board.

Bulletin Board Before:

Bulletin Board Before


Bulletin Board After:

Bulletin Board After

I cleared off my desk so I only had these:


  • my action file box
  • A heart ceramic container with magnets and pushpins for the bulletin board/whiteboard
  • Wire container for less used writing utensils
  • Essential oil diffuser
  • Salt lamp



  • Work notebook
  • Papers I am dealing with that day
  • Pen wire container
  • Eyeglass case
  • Phone


  • Cubbies with binders, books, self-care box, notebook, CDs and desk supplies
  • Below the cubbies is my 3-hole punch, matches, essential oil basket and inbox.

My office was looking so nice that I wanted to update the room upstairs to an exercise room. (Next blog post)

Have you noticed that projects to upgrade your space tend to produce more projects? Soon more and more things are looking spacious. The trick is to finish one of the projects before moving onto the other.

If you have been stuck with a project come get support and fun by doing it with the Pleasant Projects group. Or if you need help focusing for your projects.

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