Promising too much?

Many of the things we are doing today are the results of promises we made yesterday, last week, or sometime else in the past.

What would happen if you didn’t promise as much? If you made deadlines that were double what you think you can manage? If you don’t promise to take your kids someplace? If you don’t commit to a new volunteer project.

Think about what it would be like if you turned your work project early. Surprised your kids with a trip someplace they have wanted to go. Go in for a day to help out with a volunteer project.

If you have less on your plate because of what you have not promised, you have more time for spontaneity. For doing things because you want to or want to make someone’s day.

And you get out of the rush, rush, rush of trying to do all the things you promised you would do. Life has a way of throwing things our way that make fulfilling all our promises difficult.

These include promises you have made to yourself. If you tell yourself you need to have completed a big long list of things every day, you are likely to be disappointed and feel stressed.

Experiment with not promising anything for 4 days. See if you feel lighter and if this principle works for you.