We had family in for PumpkinFest time. Our favorite part was touring the historical reinactments – the French traders all the way up to present time. A beautiful historical time line. The kids were able to play old fashioned games that didn’t require electricity or batteries. Jonathan marched in the parade.

At the last minute I found out his pants were too short because he outgrew his band pants. My sister-in-law and I are trying to quick shorten a pair of my black pants so he could wear them. I am not a good sewer at all. It was pretty amusing. Well, looking back at it.

At the time, I was so frustrated that my son didn’t try on his pants at the beginning of the school year when I asked him, and leaves me looking for new pants at the last minute. I was frustrated that my needle wouldn’t thread. Before we left, I finally got a hold of myself and realized this was a tiny thing to be so annoyed at. We were able to enjoy the parade after that.