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I hope you all had a relaxing, renewing holiday season. We enjoyed a white Christmas, and visited many relatives.

I love the fresh slate feeling of the new year. I planned my goal’s. I decided on Reach Out as my theme for the year. I want to get better aquainted with some people, renew some friendships, and lend more support.

In my Simplicity Calendar I have ask some purpose questions. See if you can get some quiet time to answer them yourself.

1. Describe your ideal life.
2. Who is in it?
3. What are you doing?
4. What do you own?
5. How do you spend your days?
6. What’s important to you?
7. What do you enjoy?
8. Define success for yourself
9. What are you committed to?
10. What are your main 4-5 priorities?
11. Who do you love?