Purse Organization

When Dana from Pouchee asked if I wanted to try out a pouchee I said sure thing.

I got to pick from a multitude of colors and sizes they have available. I decided on a Marine pouchee that goes with my teal purse.

I love that the outside pocket actually fits my fat phone. I can never find pockets that do. The other pocket would be good for sunglasses. I never figured out what to put in the other pocket, but the more pockets the better.

You could use it as a wallet, but I love my current wallet so I used the card slots for my mirror, emergency key and Swiss card with scissors, etc.


Inside a zippered pocket is my emergency pocket – dramamine, rolaids and other things I may need.

Then I have my key pocket so I quit looking all over my purse for the keys.

A beauty pocket has lipstick, ponytail holder and any other makeup I might want to bring that day. I just noticed it also has little stand up holders for things like lipstick or a mini flashlight.

The final pocket is Kleenex. It is allergy season you know.

I used to keep all these things in separate little purses or pouches.

What I like about the Pouchee is I can pull out the Pouchee with the nice handles in one motion, instead of taking out all my little purses.

The funny thing is, I realized going around town and hour trips I really didn’t need most of what was in my pouchee. So I could take the whole thing out and my purse felt so light. I’d only have a notebook, my wallet and a pen in my purse.

If I had lots of purses I would definitely want a pouchee to transfer things from one purse to another easily.

To keep organized you need something that separates your things so you can find them. Whether it’s a pouchee, little purses or a purse with lots of pockets. And take out the receipts and wrappers daily.

How do you organize your purse?