Quiet in the Crisis

It’s in times of crisis that you hone in on what is most important to you. You notice what you wished you had been doing. Or realize you need to write Grandma because she can’t have visitors. Or see how needed your caregiver is. Or how being kind to others makes you feel.

Some of you may be realizing how much time you waste on stupid stuff and worries. A lot of irritations seem small in comparison to the big event changing our lives.

Things are slowing down for many people as there are no social engagements, sport events, programs to drive the kids to. (And to the workers that are now working longer and harder than ever, we thank you!)

Many people spend their lives running from one event to another.

What happens in the quiet?

How do you feel when the world doesn’t seem to spin as fast?

I hope you take some of this time going within. Journaling, making art and checking in with yourself. What have you been noticing? Are you relieved by the social break? Do you long for more of this time in your life? Have you seen how much you like laid back time with your family without obligations?

Or have you noticed you are feeling lonelier? Have you made any career realizations? Do you see where you have been stretched too thin?

Go within. Be still. Meditate. Pray. Write.

When you are no longer running – what is there? Do you see trauma that needs healing? A peace in your brain? Character traits you aren’t fond of? New decisions that need to be made? A life calling? Habits to break? Re-connecting with your spirit?

Crisis often makes wound-too-tight lifestyles collapse. You realize the way you have been doing things doesn’t work.

Anytime life goes upside down and starts to fall apart, is a good time to check in with any realizations that come from it. What are you noticing?