Rant Against Souvenirs

Many of the places we went to on our vacation had a souvenir shop. Most have jewelry that will break in a week, t shirts and hats with funny sayings and a bunch of things that serve no purpose except to remember where you went. And if you look at where the stuff came from, most of it isn’t even from where you are.

We saw lovely stone bowls from Pakistan. And beads from out West. And the cheap trinkets from China. But, almost nothing from Kentucky.

If you take any pictures and label them – you will know where you went. You don’t need clutter to remind you.

I was amazed at the people piling clothes, door hangers, stuffed animals and other junk up on the counters. I guess they need to bring all this stuff home so they can tell themselves what a great time they had.

We did by 2 souvenirs on our trip. We bought those squished pennies for the kid’s penny collection and a geode to break open and display. I like pennies because they are little and can be displayed together. And my daughter has a rock and fossil collection.

I don’t mind souvenirs from the area, that are unusual like a lovely painted vase from spain my grandma had or those stacking dolls they got from Russia. Or the hand blown glass I got from the art museum in Florida.

But, I detest the gift shop garbage that can be found in any gift shop with just a name change.  Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.