Re-organizing the Bathroom after a ‘Duh’ Moment

We’ve had the bathroom cabinets organized mainly the same way since we moved in 10 years ago. The medications, first aid and misc supplies were on the top shelf to keep out of the reach of the children. The foot bath was on top, but it always had medications in front of it so when I wanted it I had to take down a bunch of things first. Then my husband and I shared the middle shelf while the kids had the bottom shelf, which they shared with the towels that were in back. Of course when we wanted a towel something usually fell out of the cabinet.

We have no drawers in our bathroom just these big, deep shelves.

Yesterday I had a ‘duh’ moment. I realized the medications could be on the bottom shelf since the kids are teens now and can get their own aspirin or antacid. And if the towels were on the top shelf we could get them easier. And I could have the bottom shelf and give my daughter, who is taller than me the middle shelf.

I started by taking everything off the top shelf and spraying it down. I placed the towels back up there. And the foot bath to the side with nothing in front of it.


You will notice that I do not fold the towels perfectly. I am a rather inept folder and really don’t want to take the time to make sure my towels are perfect. Secondly you may notice we don’t have very many. The other four are hanging up for our showers this week – the kids have their’s on wall towel holders and the parents’ towels are hanging on the back of the door. We haven’t needed more than this, so we never bought any.

Next I took everything off my side of the middle shelf and left my husband’s side alone. He prefers it that way LOL. After washing my side up I got containers from somewhere in the house for my daughter’s things so they fit better.

daughter's stuff

Finally we worked on the bottom shelf, taking everything out and washing it down. I found containers so we could put the stomach meds in one, allergy meds in another, pain medications all together, a first aid box and a summer box for sunscreen and mosquito spray. Then I labeled them. I also label the edges of the shelves so everyone can find things and put them away where they belong. 

I like this, because being 4 ft 11, anytime I wanted medicine I had to feel around with my hands because I couldn’t see all that well. Now I have no problem reaching back there behind my son’s things. And now I don’t knock everything over. I also like it because now I can see when we have duplicates. We’ll be able to graduate to smaller containers.


We sorted my son’s things with containers from the kitchen so he had separate containers for teeth, eyes and body/face.

son's stuff

I think I have the most out of everyone at the moment. I have skinny container for foundations and powders, a plastic makeup holder and a cup that fits the stand up things like mascara, all day lip color and brushes. (Looks like someone needs to wash her brushes again.)

brush bowl

I decluttered some of my makeup, but the truth is I love to play with color so I use just about all of it. I put hooks up so I could put my elastic hair ties up leaving too much room in my big hair box. I was able to put the rest of my hair supplies in an old face wipe container. 

hair holders

All the travel supplies are in the back of the cabinet.

Today I got a new towel down from the top shelf with no problem. It felt good!