Reason #1 to Simplify Your Life

Today I am beginning a series on why it’s important to simplify your life. Often people have vague ideas that simplifying their life will make them less stressed and happier. But, without specifics “simplifying” never reaches high on the priority list.

Reason #1 to Simplify Your Life

Part of you that you could be sharing with the world is hidden under overwhelm and busyness. Maybe you have a dream that you want to help with the environment, but you can never make the time. Or you’d love to volunteer with kids, but where are you going to fit it in your schedule. Perhaps you’d love to light up a room with your humor, but you are so stressed nothing seems funny.

Or worse yet, you could be so busy, so scattered and running so fast you don’t even know what your gifts are. You don’t know what your passions are. You haven’t felt truly alive in a very long time.

The world doesn’t need another unhappy, overstresed martyr. The world needs vibrant, passionate, caring people.

By simplifying your life, you could create time to pursue your passions. Or uncover them. Even if you just simplify enough to be able to write an environmental letter to your congressman, you are starting to bloom. You will have a little more joy and aliveness.

And maybe that leads to some more simplifying to create room for volunteering every few months at an environmental group. Then you are volunteering regularly. Your life feels fulfilling.

What is one of your passions? Is it worth simplifying your life for?

Reason #2: You are in too much debt