Reason #2 to Simplify Your Life

Reason #2: You are in too much debt

Debt just creeps up on you doesn’t it? It felt like we were doing great till just about every appliance went kaput in the same year. Count up every debt you have. I’ll bet the number is higher than you realize. That’s when you start asking whether all the dinners out, the zillions of kid activities you paid for or the overstuffed closet of clothes you "had to have" was worth it. Debt suffocates you. You are worried about losing your job or not having enough to pay the bills. You fight with family members. You lose sleep. Maybe you pretend it isn’t as bad as it is and go shopping to make yourself feel better. Or maybe you comfort yourself with brownies. Simplifying your life can get you out of debt faster and help you save for your future.

Reason #3: You have become overwhelmed