Reason #4 to Simplify Your Life

Reason #4: You are missing out on your relationships

If you are living a crammed life, time with family and friends may get pushed out. After all, they will understand. Won’t they?

You wake up one day and realize you haven’t seen your best friend in months. Your mother is nagging at you to call. You are constantly forgetting to send birthday cards. You mean to send the get well notes, but you figure they will probably be well by the time they get them.

You have great ideas for special times with family, but you watch more TV then go on outings. Do errands count?

You have bailed on your writer’s group or book club more times than you’d want to admit.

Sometimes we forget that the relationships are the reason for it all. Loving and being loved will take you places no job can take you. Your house can wait, but your kids can’t.

I love visiting my grandparent’s house. There is always a full house, often people invited at the spur of the moment. We talk about funny stories, world events, or learn something new from an aquaintance. Every time my world expands.

My Pastor talks about his church as a kid where they always went to different people’s houses after church on Sunday or had people over. A time when people lived in community and knew their neighbors. I heard it still exists in places.

But, nowadays relationship building has to be very intentional otherwise the distractions of our life will leave us no time for others. And simplifying your life will allow you that space for people.

Reason #5: Your things are crowding you out of your own life