Reason #6 to Simplify Your Life

Reason #6: Your health is being neglected

Exercising and eating right take time, which if you are living an overbooked life you don’t have time for. And since usually they aren’t on top of people’s fun list, they are the first to go when you run out of time.

If you don’t have time to maintain the body you have, you are doing too much. You can’t just drop your health and think that there will be no future consequences. You know there will be – you just don’t want to look that far ahead. And there are consequences right now – getting sick more often, being tired a lot, getting headaches, heartburn and stomach aches.

You don’t have to have the perfect body. You just need to care at least minimally for what’s been given to you – exercising 3 times a week, eating mostly right, getting enough sleep, brushing and flossing and getting your checkups.

An overbooked life will also create stress. Not good for the body. Yet, you don’t have time for stress relievers like yoga, playing music, being creative, practicing deep breathing, taking quiet time, getting a massage, or laughing with a friend.

Simplifying your life will give you time to take care of yourself. And that extra energy will allow you to live fully alive.

Reason #7: So you can have fun!