Reason #7 to Simplify Your Life

Reason #7: So you can have fun! You remember what fun is don’t you? You don’t? Have you been working too hard to just keep up, that you have lost your fun? And I’m not talking passive fun like watching TV, watching a game, or surfing the net (though they have their place). I’m talking active fun – playing games, creating crafts, hiking in the woods, planning and then taking an adventure, getting together with friends to share, going to the beach, having dessert parties, getting immersed in a home project or whatever is fun for you. If it’s been awhile, you may have to go back to childhood to dig up things you consider fun. Talk with kids, they have great, outrageous ideas. Get ideas off the net or from friends. I don’t believe in creating a simpler life so we can sit there and do nothing (unless that is fun and purposeful for you.) I believe in creating a simpler life so we can do something – something fun, something meaningful, something with people, something alive. What are your reasons for wanting to create a saner, simpler life?