Reclaim Your Holiday


Life Coach, Cheryl Richardson had a great article in Body and Soul magazine this month called, “Reclaim Your Holiday.”

Some ways she shares to make it a saner, simpler holiday season:

1. Watch expectations – if you imagine the perfect holiday and end up with the normal family disruptions, holiday decoration capers and long lines you are going to be dissappointed.

2. Use the past – what are your favorite family memories? What does your family enjoy most? Make sure those are your priorities.

3. Set an intention – decide on the main principle for this coming season – i.e. Joy of family and friends, or faith, or giving.

4. Plan your celebration – the one that you and your family want to have. What can you cut out? What do you want to focus on?

5. Celebrate – “With realistic expectations, clear intentions, and a thoughtful plan, you can embrace the revelry without the fear of it swallowing you whole.”

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