Reclaiming the Porch

We were on a trip through the country and porch after porch was piled high with clutter. The thought that popped into my head was, "If the porch is that laden with stuff what will the inside be?" Many people tend to think the inside will be claustrophobic and uncomfortable when they see a really cluttered porch. Even if the rest of the house is spotless, a full porch is unwelcoming.

Now I’m not talking about a porch with a few things scattered here and there. I’m talking about a porch so cluttered the porch becomes unusable.

The porch is not a junk room. It is supposed to be a space that invites you to see the outdoors. Maybe to have friends in for lemonade. Feel the breeze on a summer’s evening. When you can’t even get on your porch, it makes those things difficult.

The sad thing is many people pile their porch with stuff they feel is cluttering their house. Well if it’s on the porch it is still clutter.

Take a hard look at what you have on your porch today. Is it welcoming and inviting?


Photo by: Cinemarty