Renewing Weekend

ok. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but I seem to be gaining weight. So it is time to get back in gear. Today I plan on writing down everything I eat at Fit Day. I’ve been exercising regularly again for the past three weeks after some illness bouts.

This weekend was really renewing. On Sat I got tons of productive work done in the morning, so I felt free to play in the afternoon. We went down to my in-laws who have lots of land in the country. My niece and nephews were there. We took walks and hunted unique rocks. I started reading the Da Vinci Code. We launched rockets, joining the enthusiasm of the kids.

Sunday I didn’t teach Sunday School since they were practicing for last nights program. Instead I connected to a friend I haven’t seen in a couple months. After that was a moving church service with uplifting worship. The sermon was on how we struggle and struggle and sometimes it is because it is time to surrender to God. We struggle often because we don’t listen. We work too many hours and lose sight of our families because we live in fear of not having enough money. We don’t trust God to provide. We fight and struggle with a wayward son thinking if we just keep working harder it will work. Instead of trusting that God loves your son as much as you do and he can do great things. At first I was taken aback, because I was brought up to work very hard. He wasn’t saying we don’t need to work hard, but in certain situations (you know the ones, where you continually butt your head into a wall and never seem to get anywhere) it’s time to “Let go, Let God.”

After church we headed back to my in-laws. I met with a friend I hadn’t talked to in awhile for lunch. I always enjoy our talks because she is always so full of enthusiasm and creativity. She is finishing up college this summer and going on to grad school. Her son is getting married at the end of April and she is going through many life changes. I am so proud of her!

While I was gone my husband and the kids had taken the go-cart out. Splattered with mud, my husband informed me it was too muddy to ride.

Soon we left to go back to church. My daughter was seeing in the program and I was setting up the Vacation Bible School table. I was frustrated at first because I couldn’t find the table, the balloons weren’t taping well and the display looked rather kindergartenish. I breathed. I decided to let God. My fingers seemed to know what they were doing after that. The display was festive and we had a crowd around it most of the night at the ice cream social. Tons of parents registered and we even got some volunteers to help out!

I always love to hear the kids perform. They sang and did motions to a moving song “Word of God, Speak”

My son didn’t want to go to youth group so he stayed home with Dad. When I got home they had done the dishes, cleaned up the yard, washed my car-inside and out and vacuumed it. How sweet is that!!!

So I got home, read the paper and watched American Dreams and Alias with hubby. The kids got ready for bed.

I woke up today with excitement for what the day holds.

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