Repurposing a desk


I’d been thinking about a vanity table for a year – a place to put on makeup and do my hair. But, I didn’t want to spend the cash for a table. I also wasn’t sure where I would put it.

I continued to long for one though, since we only have one bathroom and it was getting harder to see to put my makeup on with the bathroom mirror.

This December, the server that was in my room bit the dust, so we retired it. We were breaking down the desk to remove it from the room, when my husband suggested we turn the desk into a vanity table.

We took the top off the desk so there would be plenty of light. He bought a blotter protector/mousepad to cover the rough-looking desk and make it easier to clean.

He also bought a mirror and the hair appliance holder.

I brought my two plastic makeup containers and a plastic drawer set for hair supplies up from the bathroom. The desk drawer was perfect for my theater makeup.

So now instead of an expensive vanity table that would probably have been too small, I now have a good sized vanity table from an old desk.

Is there anything you can re-purpose?

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