Responsibility is Not a Bad Word

Too often we think if we are taking responsibility, we are taking the blame. But, really we are acknowledging our control and ability to respond.

Where are you not taking responsibility in your life? Where are you blaming, making excuses, criticizing or rationalizing?

I have someone in my life who is a crazy-maker. It’s always chaos with them. Instead of taking responsibility for setting good boundaries, I’ve been blaming them for being who they are. Not good. One, because it makes me feel powerless in my own life. Two, it creates strain in our relationship if I don’t make my boundaries known.

So where do you need to take responsibility in your life?

What would happen if you decided you could change that area?

A huge mind shift occurs when you go from, "It’s not fair, why does this always happen to me? I can’t do anything about this," to "What can I do to change this area?" Your mind starts looking for solutions instead of excuses.

So act as if you could change that area of your life. What one small action or attitude change would you take to improve and enjoy that area?


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