Rest was my prescription

(resting with my cat last night)

I was exhausted by Sunday afternoon. I had a full weekend of social activities, making Thanksgiving cards with my daughter, cleaning, and singing in the choir. So after Sunday’s potluck all I wanted to do was sleep.

My throat itched and my body felt like a blanket of steel was flattening me. I knew I was coming down with something.

I couldn’t get sick right now. I am helping lead worship on Thursday and singing in my first ever trio.

I knew rest was my prescription. Skipping my Messiah choral group practice, I slept for 3 hours. I took my zinc and watched no news.

I was still tired enough Sunday night to go to bed early. Monday I woke up later than usual. I kept water at my desk as I worked but didn’t go to the evening concert I had planned. I watched TV and napped.

Tuesday I quit work early and went to see Mockingjay with my daughter. Then ordered pizza for dinner, canceled on Zumba and rested some more. Late to bed and late to rise.

This morning I am feeling much better after listening to my body and resting.

Had I not needed to sing Thanksgiving though, I may have pushed through instead of rested.

How about you? Has your body been calling for rest?