Retreat from busyness this lent


Last week I was awakened with the idea that you needed a retreat from busyness. Lent starts today and so people are giving up things like pop and chocolate. This is also a great time to practice being less busy.

I made a  Friday evening to Sunday evening retreat you can do at home to stop the busy cycle. From the retreat you will have ideas to make the next 40 days less busy.

If you can’t figure out how to get that much time in a row, do one thing each day. Answer just one of the journal questions. Do one of the activities for a bit.

You can get the retreat here for $2.99. Just make sure you go to the page PayPal will send you afterwards so you get to the download page.

There is no social stigma attached to the frenzy, no peer motivation to slow us down. Rather it is the opposite; busy is popular currency, traded among members of modern society like a precious commodity. Busy is the silkiest cloth at the emporium, the most well-travelled spice. Living with a full schedule speedily typed into a pinging, vibrating device is a highly valued state of being. And, as with any addiction, it becomes self-perpetuating. We feel a rush from being in a rush; we take pride in the breakneck pace at which we travel through our days.
― Gillian Deacon, Naked Imperfection: A Memoir

Let’s slow down this season.


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