Retreat Kit

If you feel like you need to get away, read below

If you’ve always wanted to take a retreat, but didn’t know how, I’ve created a retreat kit, just for you

Ask yourself: when was the last time I took time alone?

Have you been stuffing down feelings trying to keep it all together?

Do you want to escape your life for a little while? Does everyone seem to annoy you?

Do you feel hollowed out mentally, spiritually or physically?

Are you in the midst of transition and change? Or have a decision you need to make?

Perhaps you have felt you have lost yourself under stacks of to do lists and other people’s expectations?


I’m Beth Dargis. I have been retreating ever since my kids were little as a way to stay connected to myself and my spirituality. When I don’t get this time alone, I get irritable, snippy and feel my thoughts fly by before I can catch them.

If you’ve followed my newsletter or blog you know I lost my 18 year old son in February. Retreats have always been important in my life, but during this painful time retreats were what kept me from drowning. I knew if they were this important to me that I should share how to retreat with others.

Why Retreat?


Retreats let you listen to your own soul without the chatter of the internet, people and technology.

They renew you in such a way that you feel more alive, centered and kind when you emerge.

Retreats open you up to your own creativity and brilliance.

They let you breathe in your life that you may feel out of breath from.

They help you stop from the stress, to dos, and go go go. We run ourselves ragged until there is no motivation left to be had. Stopping to be feels luxurious.

Life seems to move so fast that we don’t have time to process our transitions, our losses or even our joys. It’s on to the next thing. We need time in our lives for deep introspection and to recharge. To have full thought sentences instead of constant interruptions.

Retreats are a time to be quiet. And revel in stillness.

Most importantly, retreats heal.

“My daughter and I had great fun working through some of the suggestions while we were on holiday last week. It gave us both lots to think about and led to some interesting and thought provoking discussions.” Kim, U.K.

Why do you need to retreat?

How do you stop yourself from getting what you need?

You know you need to retreat. Your heart and body have told you that you need this. But of course your mind is saying you don’t have time, you don’t have money, you can’t go offline that long…

These are the same excuses you always use to prevent yourself from getting what you need.

Usually this is fear talking. You may be afraid to feel those feelings you have stuffed down. Or afraid your family will get mad if you take time for yourself. Or afraid if you get away you will never want to come back. Maybe you’ll have to face things you haven’t wanted to notice, so you keep running to exhaustion.

Acknowledge these fears, but don’t let them stop you. Take the courage to get your needs met.

If your soul is saying go on a retreat, you need to go on a retreat. It is not indulgent to take time away. It is a necessity.

Then there are the Guilt Monsters. The ones that say it’s selfish to take time alone. That you are taking time away from your kids. That you can’t spend money on your well being.

Banish the guilt monster! People in your life need a you bursting with delight. A you that feels happier. A you that is more pleasant to be around. A you joyful and vibrant.

It seems like something or someone always needs our attention. Kids, bills, housework. You feel like screaming if one more thing gets added to that to do list. But if we put some of that attention on ourselves we would be clearer and more energetic to fulfill those needs.

It’s sad, but funny that we will keep going even when exhausted, accomplishing very little because we are so tired, feel more exhausted because of the burden of getting further and further behind. And the cycle continues.

If you had a friend or family member running on empty, you’d want to encourage them to take that time, wouldn’t you?

Let me give you permission to retreat and refresh. Here is a nudge to schedule time.




Just Be.



Do I have to go far away?

I have gone to a few retreats with a leader, but most of my retreats have been right here at home. Sometimes traveling just isn’t possible. And these retreats usually cost hundreds of dollars.

You can create your own retreat at home. Or go to a library, outdoors or a hotel room. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to retreat.

Retreat Walk

I’ve been retreating since the kids were small. At least one day a month. We had no money when the kids were little. But my husband would take the kids to visit his parents for the day and leave me alone in the house.

But how to retreat?

It can be scary, taking time to retreat. You have all this empty time. You feel squirrely not knowing what to do.

And how do you even get the time to do a retreat?

I created a guide that can help you plan your retreat and get time away.

What’s included?

-Door hangers to print out to let people know you are on retreat
-A Do Not Disturb sign to print out
Retreat Kit PDF Guide with how to set up a retreat, getting time to retreat, mini-retreat ideas, rituals, exercises & activities, and sample retreat plans
-Meditation videos

How would you like to feel?


Do you want to feel more alive?

More centered?

More loving?



Whatever you want to feel, a retreat can help you get there. Set your intention on what you want to feel or who you want to be and see where it takes you.

Give yourself permission to take time out and time within or give someone you love that guidance.

If you have any questions please email me at:

Wishing you will allow yourself to retreat.




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