Revamping File System

This weekend I wanted to open more space up in my office. The first thing I did was put a bunch of books into the bookshelf in my closet, and other books in a container in the closet.

The second thing I did was combine two file areas – my financial folders and my action file. I realized I didn’t need the monthly folders that only had 1-3 pieces of paper in them each. Instead I created a yearly file for the pay stubs and bank statements.

I also didn’t use most of the tax files. See I input my receipts every couple of weeks and have them in categories on a spreadsheet. So I didn’t need the different tax categories in file folders. Now I have tax to be inputted and tax 2011.

Which left all  sorts of room for my action files (to pay, to do, to input, kids school stuff.)

Do you have any file folders you aren’t using?