Reviewing What You Learned

For most of us, we don’t learn something once and boom it is stuck in our head forever. We need to re-learn and spiral over & over. The more you review an idea, the more it becomes part of your life.

I review in several different ways.

  1. If I am reading a non-fiction book, I read a section for today. (And I am usually highlighting and writing in it if it seems a book I will keep.) Then I go back using today’s date. So if it is the 12th of the month, I go back to page 12 and re-read the headings and highlights. Then I add 30 days and review page 42 and so on until I get back to the page I am on. This helps the ideas stay as I read a book, especially if it is taking awhile to read it.
  2. On my Kindle, there is a section for clippings. You can highlight and take notes in Kindle books as well. So once a week I look over my Clippings ebook which contains highlights of the various books I have read or am reading. I don’t read through the whole thing, only a few pages.
  3. I write in a notebook notes from library books, seminars, church sermons, insights, web posts or magazine articles. I review these pages about once a month.
  4. If I find an idea that looks like something I want to take action on, but I don’t have time at the moment, I put the idea in a file folder called Implement. Once a week during my weekly planning I sift through to see if there is something I want to try out this week.

Reviewing gives depth to your learning. What are your favorite ways to review?


Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography