Reward Yourself First

I love this idea I read in Carolyn Wilson-Elliot’s newsletter for Quantum Spirit.

She suggests when you need to do something you really don’t want to do, say taxes, updating your inventory, or filing, that you should reward yourself first.

Think about how you want to feel while doing the task – maybe energetic, focused or calm. Now think about what makes you that way. List a few.

Let’s say I want to be energetic. Things that make me energetic are fun music, a walk, or some deep breathing.

So, to get myself in the state I want to be, I can listen to music and dance around for a bit. Then get to work energetically.

When I start to feel tired or sluggish I can go for a walk. When I am re-energized I can get back to work.

And so on.

What are you procrastinating on that you really don’t want to do? How would you like to feel while doing it?

What can help you get in that state?

Photo Credit: Energy by Dan Zen