Riding as Meditation


As a simple living educator I feel like I should be a big meditation person. But, sitting meditation has never worked for me. My mind rarely slows down the entire time.

But, I figured out how to slow my mind down. Motorcycle meditation.

The meditation is touch and go at the beginning. I feel the wind on my face and feel the bike and my husband in front of me. Then I see a sign for fresh produce ahead. "I wonder if they also have farm fresh eggs, it’s been a long time since we have them. I wonder if the boy who used to sell them at the farmer’s market is still there. I think I may have some egg cartons for him. I wonder what to wear to the party on Sunday."

Then the outside world stops my run-away thought process. Ooo horses. I am back to the scent of the lilacs, hesperia and lilies. I peek at the beautiful blue of the lake between the houses. The sky is light blue with the most interesting clouds. I’m back into the moment.

Until the Bass Park sign. I remember when we got stuck in the mud there and had to wait 45 minutes for the tow truck because it was surrounded by blood thirsty mosquitoes.

Then I see some gorgeous gardens and I am back into the moment.

Until my mind wanders off on planning a trip to the beach and adding to the grocery list.

Finally though there comes a point where I am totally in the moment, yet not thinking. I feel the wind. I smell the scents. I see the golden wheat. But I am not processing thoughts. I am meditating.

Lakeshore Drive

Lakeshore Drive

Photo by: Crash Test Addict

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