Routine Tweaks

Here’s an update on Kathy, the Simplicity Makeover winner. Kathy has had a lot of changes lately and she is really doing wonderfully navigating her new life. She really wants more time to declutter, have fun and search for a new job. To start finding more time, she is playing with and tweaking her routines. This also allows her to make a fresh start since her current life is much different then her life before.

Some routine tweaks:

  • Getting her daughter involved in a 2 min pick up of the house in the evening
  • For paperwork, when I was working out of the house I had one of those plastic expanded files where I put paper to sort and had a slot for bills, to do, to file, etc. So I could sort in a few minutes at the office. Or while waiting for one of the kids. I had notecards to write a quick note. It really helped me keep up with my paperwork.  If a form had to be filled out, I could do it right there. And you could even do paperwork from your bed that way.

expandable file

How could you tweak your routines to gain more time? Need help with routines? Find lessons in the Simplicity eCourse.

And just a reminder for all of you – you are doing better than you think!