Routines are boring


When I talk about a daily rhythm or routine, I often hear people say they hate routine. Routines are boring (said in a whiny teenage type voice). I used to be one of those people.

Then I realized that life is chaotic enough. Life pops up all the time and scatters plans. For most of us the beginning of the day and the end of the day are mostly ours to do with what we want for our families and ourselves. I prefer to start and end the day as peacefully as possible nowadays.

I enjoy waking up about the same time every day, feeding the cat, brushing my teeth and using my water pik, exercising, doing quiet time, eating breakfast, doing my cleaning home care and taking care of my personal grooming. I feel more calm and centered. I’ve prepared my mind, body, soul and home for the day ahead.

Even if the rest of the day falls apart at least I have had a good morning.

Sometimes even this routine gets knocked off by cat barf, having to drive someone somewhere, or a sickness. But, most days I can at least do most of my morning rhythm.

I love ending the day calmly as well. After dinner, doing chores as a family, setting out clothes and packing parts of lunches. Right before bed doing some journaling and reading to settle down my mind.

Rhythms don’t have to be long to be effective at creating more peace in your home. In fact, when you are starting, having only three morning items and three evening items can keep you from getting overwhelmed. Build in new habits slowly. Are you ready to try a more peaceful routine, (peaceful, not boring)?

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