Sabotaging Simplicity


I had a recent criticism that I did too much writing about inner work and relationships and not enough about how to.

The reason is that I believe in order to have a simplified lifestyle that you actually like, you need to do some inner work.

For instance, if you are feeling something you don’t want to feel, some people will eat, others may overexercise, and others may stay so busy that they can’t feel those feelings they don’t like.

I can give all the tips and how to’s in the world and that person will stay busy. Because it’s scary to simplify for them. If someone is stuffing their anxiety or sadness or anger into a too busy calendar and clutter, much of the time they don’t want to take care of it. Or they sabotage themselves when they make progress.

To test if this is happening to you, just start being more aware. "Oh, it seems when I get flak from my boss, I run to do busy work. Interesting." "Hmm, I added another activity to the calendar when I started getting anxious." "I start to get scared when I have a few free hours on the weekend. I wonder what would happen if I let that time stay free?"

Being aware, curious, and honest with yourself is an important starting point to simplifying your life.


Photo by: Irargerich